Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fall Menu Ideas. . .

So the wheels are turning as the fall menu is 8 weeks from being here.
I figured if I get my ideas out, I can get some feedback and make it great.
The menu will run from October through December.

- First, I want to do a winter-squash bruschetta - I'm thinking butternut squash, cooked down in a béchamel, with mozzarella and parmesan melted in to order. A touch of rosemary and nutmeg should round it out for a comfortable autumn bruschetta. It will be our first hot bruschetta. To add a little crunch I'm thinking toasted hazelnuts will do the trick.

- Secondly, I really want to make a Patterson House Hot-dog. We are working on making our own lamb or beef merguez sausage. We are making a few tasting, adjusting, making more tasting etc. Last night it hit me, that I want to make some sauerkraut to go on it. The way we can truly make it Patterson House is to add booze to the fermenting process of the kraut. I'm going to make a small batch of Scotch Whiskey Sauerkraut and see how it tastes. Finish it with a hearty whole grain mustard and homemade hot dog buns. This will be a task for a one man, hundred square foot kitchen, but I bet it will be worth it. If it is simply unmanageable to stay up on sauerkraut, I also thought about pickling onions to add as sweet, tart bite to the sausage instead.

- I want to try a risky sandwich for the fall to replace our summer bleu ribbon.
It would be white bean purée, grilled chicken, prosciutto, and bagna cáuda. I want to do our bagna cáuda with olive oil, anchovy, butter(or cream), rosemary, garlic, and a touch of cheese, likely parmesan. The bagna cáuda would be served on the side as a dipping sauce, since it was originally Italian fondue. It is a delicious dish, I just wonder if people will be receptive.

- For a small plate appetizer I want to do chili roasted broccoli, and cauliflower. Cooked a la minute ,hot and spicy, yet still with a crisp texture. They are easy to eat and a relatively healthy option for a bar menu. Or fatten it up with a side of the bagna cáuda.

- I also thought toasted pumpkin seeds would be a good snack, seasoned differently every week, or maybe even served slightly warm.

-Lastly, I was thinking of roasted beets, goat cheese, and butter poached pistachios on house made flatbread with some sherry vinegar and shallots. Again, the fall offers some exciting flavors that not everyone is used to.

That is where I stand right now, I'm sure things will change. I would like to do one more dish. I would love your feedback. Let me know what you crave in the fall.

T. Ryan
The Patterson House - Nashville

Huge thanks to Isaac Miller for helping me create some of these combinations.


Beth said...

Great menu ideas! I love the thought of a white bean purée, grilled chicken, prosciutto, and bagna cáud- I for one will be totally receptive!

And I am super excited at the prospect of chili roasted broccoli & cauliflower. I try to eat few starchy carbs in my every day diet, so I would probably order this every single time I came in. So many bar menus are carby heavy, so many times I find myself not eating at all.

And in my opinion, you can never go wrong with roasted beets & goat cheese, especially with the mention of pistachios. Looking forward to it all!

Danielle said...

This sounds amazing!!! Three of my favorite food items will be on the menu at the P House!!! Butternut Squash, Hot Dogs, & Goat Cheese!! yum! I can't wait! Let me know if you decide to put it on the menu so me and B can stop by!